I have been in love with business since I was five years old.  I started filling my piggy bank from the money that was collected from visitors to my gumball machine! 


The foundation of business, getting paid for a product or service, has been apart of my life since 1988.   I am an all out GEEK when it comes to filling up a PIGGY BANK!!

I am constantly developing holistic approaches to filling up my client's businesses with effective processes to promote the evolution of work/life balance.

No business is to small to get my attention.  I enjoy working with people, who are willing to do the work necessary to get them where they want to be! 


Over the past 20 years,  Octavia has amassed extensive experience within business budgeting, development, management, sales & marketing, and strategic planning.  Her career has been filled with generating and managing millions in revenue for various asset management companies, government contractors, and retailers. She has been recognized throughout the years with various awards and nominations for her commitment to leaving her clients, colleagues, departments, and organizations, better than how she was introduced to them. 


Octavia has owned and managed several businesses ranging from a day care center to a project management firm.  Current business ventures include Thrifter's Paradise,  as well as the development of a chocolate concept, clothing line, and productivity application.

Octavia spends most of her time cooking, gardening, mothering a blended family, and reading the latest business periodicals.  She is also working on writing a children's book, that explores the business world through a child's eyes.